"making our customers to succeed by delivering insightful BUSINESS and Market intelligence  with executable  value  oriented  STRATEGies"




 Stark is a Research Analyst to Advisory firm having credentials in areas like

Research Services

Consulting Services

KPO Services

Analyst Engagement


We at Stark solves two key pain points of enterprises viz. disconnect between market & customers and internal growth barriers. As per a research, poor understanding of market and customers needs is attributed as biggest reason behind failure of business ventures and its products. Our '5 Jewels Research' Brand brings balanced portfolio of research services which gives you sustained understanding of your target market and customers leading to long terms business success and value.
Stark takes end to end transformational projects right from Advise to Execute and delivers unique value to customers by bringing depth industry experience. In order to make your business perform, grow and sustain, Stark has robust technology enablement framework through gametes of Digital Consulting Services. Whether you are planning to have better RTB (Run The Business) or planning to have CTB (Change The Business), you should have insights of your business. Through our KPO Services, we enable that insight by advanced analytical models, which helps in understanding your data, create models, contexts and contents of your transactions from strategic perspective.

Stark also runs an Analyst Relation program know as '5 Jewels of Analyst Relations' for Tech. Firms and Tech. Investors.

Established by group of professionals who have wide experience in various industry domains like Financial Services, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Logistics/SCM, Retail and Energy and Utility Sector.

Stark has been powered by its CoE (Center of Excellence) partner, Innogress, which brings Global Professional Strengths in our kitty making our offerings highly focused to your business needs at a very cost effective rate.  

Stark has consulting capabilities in functional areas, like Supply Chain Management, Strategic Sourcing, Operations Management, Customer Relationship Management, Sales & Marketing Management, Digital Transformation, Market Entry, Business Development Strategies, and KPO Services like Data Analytics, GRC (Governance, Regulation, Compliance), Finance and Accounting.

Stark has competitive and agile services delivery model which gives cost advantage in service execution due to right mixture of on-site and off-site activity components. Stark has productivity improvement and automation tools for accelerated service delivery to the customers. Stark believes in working as partner to its customers for rapid value discovery and value delivery. To deliver unique set of values to the customer, Stark believes in providing continual innovation oriented and progress oriented services in Advise to Execute framework. We have partnered with many other firms who are important for our value delivery strategy.

Our Consultants, Analyst and Professionals have worked for various large MNCs to SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises) to Startups and have varied knowledge of business complexity and challenges at various levels of the businesses. We have a Center of Excellence (CoE) for SME and Startup business segments and have focused frame work for rapid value delivery.

Service Lines

Services are structured under four broad categories :
-Research Services '5 Jewels Research'- Market Research & Analysis Services, Market Intelligence Services, Business Research Services, Deals Due-Diligence Services, Analyst Engagement Services- 5 Jewels of Analyst Relations

-Consulting Services: Business Performance Management and Cost Optimization, Business Growth Management, BDAS (Business Development As Service), Customer Success Program (CSP)Digital Business Advisory Services (DBAS), IT Solution Consulting, IT Governance Consulting, IT Portfolio Optimization & Outsourcing Consulting, PMC

-KPO Services:
Data Analytics Services, Data and Content Management Services, Risk & Compliance Support Services


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