STARK is an USA Based Research Analyst to Advisory firm having credentials in areas like: 

-Research SERVICES

-Consulting Services
-KPO Services



Our aim is to deliver most dependable unbiased market insights, analysis, market intelligence data, business - technology guidance and recommendations for giving strategic advantage to our customers and various stakeholders.

Stark takes end to end transformational projects right from Research, Advise to Execute and delivers unique value to customers by bringing depth industry experience. Stark has focus in areas of Market Research, Market Analysis, 'Go-To-Market' Advisory, Business Performance Management, Cost Optimisation, Digital Transformation, Business Growth Management and having unique frameworks of  '5 Jewels' and BDAS (Business Development As Service) for continuous value delivery. 

Stark is structured to deliver its Research and Consulting Services across the Globe under Brand name of ‘5 Jewels Research’ and '5 Jewels Consulting' for homogenous customers experience. 

Through our KPO Services, we enable business insight by advanced analytical models & tools, which helps in understanding your data, creates M/C Learning models, contexts and contents of your transactions from strategic perspective.

Stark also runs an Analyst Relation Program known as '5 Jewels of Analyst Relations' for Tech. Firms and Tech. Investors.

Founded by group of professionals who have wide experience in market research, analysis and consulting across various industry domains like Financial Services, High Tech., Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Logistics/SCM, Energy & Utility and Public Sector.

Stark has global delivery centers based at US and India. Innogress is Indian CoE (Center Of Excellence) partner of Stark Consulting and enabling innovation in services delivery. 

Our analysts, consultants and professionals have worked for various large MNCs to local SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises) to Startups and have varied knowledge of business complexity and challenges at various levels of the businesses. 

Service Lines

Services are structured under four broad categories
1.  Research Services '5 Jewels Research': Market Research & Analysis Services, Market Intelligence Services, Business Research Services, Deals Due-Diligence Services, Analyst Engagement Services- Analyst Relations

2.  Consulting Services '5 Jewels Consulting': Business Performance Management (BPM), Business Growth Management, Business Development As Service (BDAS), Digital Consulting Services, Customer Success Program (CSP)

3.  KPO Services: Data Analytics Services, Data and Content Management Services, Risk & Compliance Support Services

4.  Robotics

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